Customer Testimonials for Chequered Flag International

A G - 1988 Mercedes 560 SL

If you love artwork that happens to be both mechanical and has four wheels this is your place. An eye- and brain- exploding gorgeous car collection. I recently bought an '88 MB 560sl. The selling process was both knowledgeable and utterly low-key. I dealt mostly with Alex. I sold my old car there as well and the deal was struck in a matter of minutes on a handshake. As part of the purchase deal, the car needed some work and the separate business next door owned by Jan (Vintage & Sports Motors), patiently explained & showed and did all that was required and more.

Boaz Miodovsky - 2004 Porsche 911 Turbo

I have been in the market for a 996 Turbo for sometime and finally decided to stop by Chequered Flag (after years of passing by). I have always heard they were very expensive but also very reputable. It was a nice experience that they were not aggressive and just allowed me browse until I was ready to ask a question. I dealt with Alex who, I felt, was up front and honest. In the end I ended up getting a great 996 Turbo for a decent price. I left feeling that I got a decent deal on a rare car. All that aside what really stood out to me was the customer service after the sale. Jan helped me with a problem that came up in a polite and professional manner. I can't say that aren't expensive and/or that they are super negotiable. However I can say that you can get a fair deal if you are realistic on the prices (KBB is BS) and that sometimes paying a little more for great customer service is worth it. I would buy from again without hesitation

Monica F - 1980 Porsche 911SC Targa

At Chequered Flag I finally found the vintage Porsche Targa I'd been looking for. They came very highly recommended from several people who own many cars, and who know a lot about all the places and people that sell them. The entire experience at Chequered Flag was great. Alex was very knowledgable and helpful, but I never felt pressured. Chequered Flag carries a large variety of cars, but I felt like no matter whom I spoke to there, they were very familiar with "my"car.
Jan from V&S motors was a big component of my moving forward with the purchase. When he talked about the car, and described in detail the work he'd performed, you could feel his love for the car and his passion for his job.I felt very confident that the car was in great shape and I wasnt going to have any surprises. Chequered Flag took all the worry out of buying a 37 year old car. I left feeling like not only had I gotten my dream car, but also a great team of people who came along with it.

Brian Pilcher - 1989 Porsche 911 G Coupe

Everything about my experience with Chequered Flag was top rate. Neil was knowledgeable and willing to answer any question about the 1989 Porsche 911 that I purchased. The transaction was very smooth. Loraine answered every question quickly and provided support that is unmatched. Jan from V&S motors performed a thorough inspection and made all of the repairs necessary to provide me with a car that is solid and ready to go. All in all a great experience.

GENE CHUNG - 1992 Porsche 964 C2 Coupe

Eagle has landed! Gave it a once over and drove it quickly. Exactly as expected and a beautiful car.


Sidra - 2016 Volkswagen Golf R


Hello Alex,


Thank you for all your help. We truly love this car! I got the plate situation all straightened out so no worries there.

She arrived safe on Sunday morning. Thank again take care. 

Stefan Breuer - 1987 Porsche 911 G50 Cabriolet


Dear Neil,

The Cabrio arrived very well in Germany. Barbara and me are very happy. Fantastic car !!!

Thanks a lot.

Best regards!

Barbara & Stefan

Rick & Jasmine Anderson - 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4WD




We received the Jeep and are extremely pleased. Thanks for everything.



Simon J. Baldauf - 1988 Porsche 911 Targa

Hey Neil, Car arrived today. Everything is fine and worked out great. Thanks again for the professional transaction and all your help! We’ll be in touch. Always looking for good Porsches… Cheers Simon

Hugh McGarel-Groves - 1971 Jaguar E-type SII roadster

Dear Neil, I thought I should let you know I collected the E-type roadster from Felixstowe today and all was well - see attached photos. The car has made the long journey to England completely unscathed. The engine started straight away and I was able to drive it onto the trailer. It seems a really nice genuine car and I'm very pleased with it, so many thanks for selling it to me. I'm also grateful for the documents you included with it, which are very nice to have.

Randolph H. - 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

This is a review by a couple of true car enthusiasts, who are excited about their purchase of our first vintage car. After watching enough sequels of "Jay Leno's Garage" and "What is my Car Worth" my wife got sufficiently excited to help me (aka allow me) to get started with this hobby. I grew up in the 70's and was a teen in the 80's and always was close to Mercedes cars of this era. We do have contemporary Mercedes as well and we made our share of different experiences when it comes to a new car purchase. The more nervous we were with a purchase of a vintage car, where even many more things can possibly go wrong. In addition we set up the whole purchase from the East Coast through internet and phone only not being able to travel due to work prior to conclusion of the deal. Are we crazy ? Maybe, but at least we picked the right people to work with. Alex and Neill in the background were absolute professionals providing us with a good quality vintage car appraiser, allowed us to have the car inspected by a Mercedes Dealership of OUR choosing (Alex even drove the car there for me and picked it up). They also readily acknowledged some relatively minor mechanical flaws that emerged from the inspection and took it upon them to fix them at their cost. In addition they provided an extremely helpful contact for seamless Classic Car financing and insurance. All we had to do is to fly to LA 4 weeks later, pick up our impeccable 4o k mile 1987 560 SL in pristine condition and drive around LA and Southern California for a week with our 4 year old son and dog in the 2 plus 2 backseats. The icing on the cake of this positive experience was Jean another of the associates who at the end of our week allowed us to park our new vintage car in his own private garage for a small fee for 6 weeks since we wanted to come back to California for 2 more weeks of cruising this November given the lousy weather on East Coast before transporting the car back to New York. Jean was also such a Gentleman that when we were late for the airport dropping the car with him on a Sunday he called a quick Uber ride for us on his bill. These were all TRUE Gentlemen and it was the most honorable business experience of any kind let alone cars that my wife and I ever had. They respect car lovers and they respect their work. They as a group have our respect forever and we will be back with them in the future for SURE.

Paul Geller - 2014 Mercedes ML350

Neil, The ML arrived yesterday. After washing off a Gobi-desert of dust, it looks pretty darned nice! Drives like a champ, too. Thanks again to your whole crew for a painless transaction! pg

Neil Munro - 2008 Hummer H2

Tim , Just a quick note to thank you for all your efforts in making sure our purchase went smoothly. The truck is fantastic - as new - just like you described! THANKS!

David Pyle - 1989 Avanti II

Neil & Loraine, The Avanti arrived in good condition yesterday. Driver liked it. You can always tell when they ask you how much you paid for it. I told him less than the $50K the dealer was asking. The shake down cruise including the local car wash has been completed and it is as advertised except that the fuel gauge is inop. Probably the sender in the fuel tank. Actually among my four (previous) Avantis it ranks #1. I like it. Even getting used to the color. Thanks.

Dana Woods - 1968 Porsche 912

A sincere thanks to Chequered Flag International and in particular the wonderful and famous Neil in sales for their integrity and dedication to the pursuit of automotive happiness. A toast to a band of true enthusiasts who are delightful to do business with. It is rare indeed to find this level of expertise and attention to detail today. The extra mile has been travelled with joy !

Robert B. - 1991 Porsche 911 Carrera

My Experience with Chequered Flag was exceptional. The experience and attention to detail they showed me was as great as the special cars they have in their showroom. I recommend them highly and was pleased with my purchase.

Marc Rubin - 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate

Just wanted to say thank checked out perfectly here with an orig Alfa service tech...very happy.

Julia Hansen - 1959 Suburban Wagon

The car is here and we LOVE it! We will give it a great home. :) Thanks for all your help on the transaction & transport. Best, Julia

Paul Geller - 2014 Mercedes ML350 Bluetec

Hey folks, it was a pleasure meeting a few of you Saturday! JP is a kick, my kind of attitude! Great service from Lupe; he was so proud of his cleanup; even the body seams under the hood were clean! Thanks for the great car (assuming it doesn't fall of a truck, of course!) and deal! pg

Jon Vargas - 1996 Porsche 911 C4S

Car is wonderful. Thanks so much.

Richard Bidding - 1964 Porsche 356 C Coupe

Neil, I received car Monday. All good. Great car!! Richard